Like This

Sometimes you find yourself stuck in a place where you’re being pulled in multiple directions. When you feel like everyone wants a piece of you but you have no clue which direction is the best fit for you but with every person or thing theres a different set of pros and cons.

Yet, you want to do everything and you know that it’s not possible to do that. There’s just no feasible way to be available to everyone through various things.

That’s been my life lately. I am currently trying to figure out which solution is best.
I have an ex that keeps reappearing within my life who is trying to convince me that I’m not happy, that I settled when it comes to Tyler (I know you read this Tyler.. and you know who’s been telling me that… you know why I’ve been upset about it, so you know that’s not true).

But there’s only so much that one can take being pulled in every direction. Soon enough you’re not going to be able to handle it and you’ll break. You’ll break and shatter. Then there’s the possibility that no one will be around to help you sort through and put together the important pieces…

But this is life. It’s learning to say “no” to people who don’t benefit you or won’t benefit you in any positive way. Sometimes you think that you’ll be better off with something a little different and instead it’ll cause a shitstorm that does nothing but bring bad news behind it.

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