Joy (how to find it when it seems distant)

Sometimes when my depression gets the best of me, it is unbelievably hard to move on past the feeling of it. It’s hard to take a step back and realize that there is so much more to life currently than what I am feeling in this moment, however fleeting it may be.

It’s always hard to pull yourself up and take a look at the small things to remind yourself that your depression isn’t going to bring you down today. It’s always about reminding yourself that you’re alive (no matter how much it hurts to be alive right now, you’re alive), you’re breathing (again no matter how hard it is to breathe, you’re doing it right now), you’re able to move freely, eat what you choose to, drink what you want (although alcohol should be avoided during these times) and that you have certain people who love you uncontrollably even though you may be in this rut and they’re not entirely sure how to help you through it.

There are different coping mechanisms for everyone when their depression and anxiety get out of control but the one thing that you have to remember is that you’re here, for somebody or someone, even if it’s yourself. You have to figure out a way to make life work even when you don’t want it to. You cannot give up on yourself… because then you’ll never know you’re own potential.

Go for a walk, listen to the birds, the way the wind blows through the empty branches or sweeps through the leaves. Listen to the rustles of animals or the annoyances of alarms. Do all of that. Remember that you’re just a part of a bigger picture, that there are many different outcomes to life and that they’re not always streamlined. Go to a river, listed to it gurgle over rocks and make tiny noises as it goes against the shore.

Remember, you’re alive. You’re more than your mental illness.

Find a place, sit, and examine the small things that we often overlook. Those small things will help bring you back to peace. They’ll allow you mind to clear and be outwardly focused, away from your internal issues. Let your mind wander. Let it dance and create shapes and animals from fluffy clouds. Listen to the waves beat on a shoreline of a lake. Do something that makes you outwardly focus instead of internally so. It will help, greatly.

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