Collective Writings

I write, a lot. Now most of my posts on here have been about struggles, strengths, love, and lets be honest, sex. But here’s more intimate stuff, although it’s easy to access via my tumblr, just many haven’t.
I don’t know why I’m putting this here, maybe just to put it in another place.
But here we go.


4/17/15 11:14 pm

I used to want to be anywhere but here.
I used to travel to far off lands
Within my mind.

Climb rocks and pretend they were mountains,
Lay in the yard and look at the clouds
And think that I was in the a field.

I used to swing
Dreaming of distant lands
Places I never visited..

And when I did travel,
I’d come back, sit on the swing set
And dream of the lands I visited.

I never wanted to be present.
I always wanted to be elsewhere.

I guess that’s what dreamers do
When their wandering souls are trapped.



Lay your heart on me
Let me hear it all
Let your words fall out of your mouth
in a disarray that cannot be explained.

Tell me what comes to mind
Without thinking of the consequences of what was just said.
Let me listen
And take each word as a grain of salt.
Let me be there.

I’ll pull you near
When you reach the deep part of your soul
That you hide away from everyone.
I’ll let you scream at God
Because in a few short seconds I’ll be doing the same.

The words fall with such ease
And by the end of it we’re speechless
Exposed thoroughly.
Nothing left to give but love for one another.

And that is how we started
In the sheets of your bed
Hearts fully exposed
Eyes bloodshot
Full of love.



I stood on the edge of the cliff
My toes in the air
Ground sturdy beneath my heels
Wind whipping my hair.

With every lash of the strands
I took a deeper breath
I moved millimeters closer
To the edge.

My heels left such an indentation
Within the ground
That they’re still there.

The waves crashed beneath me
In a thrashing way
that was oddly calming..

I closed my eyes
Felt the wind whipping at me
And I swore for that brief moment
I was flying.

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