They can be filled with meaning, harm or nothing.

They can cut like a dagger, fill you with love, or take away everything that you know.
But  most of us use them without any thought to them. We say things that we don’t intend to say in a way that isn’t the intended purpose.

I’ve been thinking of ways to use my words better. Mulling things over so that my emotions don’t play into what I’m trying to convey. I feel as though emotions sometimes skew what we’re trying to get across to people because we are either so frustrated or so compassionate about things.

But yet we can use these words to help others. Help others by understanding our own emotions, tell stories with them and paint and image for those.

We can spill our souls to those with few words, yet we can hurt others with the same amount of words.

Words are just that, subjective pieces to a puzzle that is life. And sometimes we just need to figure out the best way to use them… because right now, I’m failing at that. Which is why I’ve been absent. A lot has been going on, unfortunately. My head’s a little scrambled. My thoughts are equally so.

So thank you guys for waiting this out.

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