Collective Writings -3

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I. tease

Where words fail
my hands reach out
and touch in the gentlest way
that you can imagine.

Your breath is slowly taken in
your eyes are watching my hand
like it’s a slow motion video.

My fingers trace your jaw line,
my thumb finds your bottom lip,
Just ever so gently
pulling down on it.

You stay there,
anticipating my next move.
but instead, I stop
waiting for your reaction.

II. maze

every day
I wake up
I wonder
why I

lately all
that it
seems to
do is
make me
want to
be asleep.

I walk around
like a zombie
looking for a
home. a
that doesn’t

I feel lost
but I feel
more sure
of where
I am when
i am actually

life is like
a maze that
you can never
find an exit
out of.

It winds you away
and twists you
in every imaginable

Somehow though,
you come out,
You may not be
unscathed, but you’re
alive, nonetheless.

and maybe,
that is why
we are awake,
to get through
this maze
that we call


12.8.12 #2

When you came into my room today
I didn’t think that when you
Laid next to me
That I would be so welcoming.

You wrapped your arms around me
And immediately
I remembered what we used to be.

I had not taken my antidepressants yet
And somehow I was overjoyed
When you held me near and dear to you.

This was unusual for me
With the recent events that have been
Unfolding between us.

You were kissing my forehead
Whispering that you loved me
And that you were happy
That you could tell that the stress
I had been feeling, was wiped clean.

I couldn’t help myself
but to smile,
Because today was the first time in forever
Where I actually felt in love with you.


2.28.13 #2

Love doesn’t end in death,

In fact it continues onward.

cause it’s there that you learn
how to live without them..
knowing that even though they are gone
their soul is there with you.

A shadow in disguise
warmth in the sunrise.

A gentle gust,
A reminder to you that you’re not alone.

It’s there, in the simple things
that you remember they are everywhere
with you.

I sometimes hold out my hand,
in hopes that I will feel his hand
touch mine as a gentle reminder
that he is there, beside me.

But love continues,
even after death..
it follows us
like the sunrise and sunset.

Instead of being alone,
you have to know that they’re
with you, where ever.


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