Collective Writings -4

These are things written on Feb 9, 2016



You could take everything from me
Try to hurt me with every word
You could say things with the intentions of throwing them like daggers
And here I’d be
Still waiting on you.

Why? Because forgiveness is all I’ve known
Hate only builds for so long
Love conquers everything, or so we’re told.

But you’re not the type of person
To purposefully hurt those you care about.
You want what’s best..
But we’re here.



You fight for the ones you love
You fight with the ones you love
You find out that after years of being together
You think you know what they think..
You don’t. Don’t assume.
You can always be wrong
You are always presumptuous, don’t be that person.

I have been all of these this week…
And it’s killing me inside,
Because I know it hurts you, when I think instead of ask
And get things wrong.

Because we don’t speak lately
We speak like we’re distant…
And that’s killing me..
It’s bringing me to my knees.

I leave the apartment on hikes more and more now
Because our conversations have no point.
They’re not about each other or our future
But rather sports and things that don’t matter to us.

When did we lose touch with one another?
When did things take this turn?

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