Hello, Again

It’s been some time since I’ve written. I’m aware of that.
Why has it been some time? Well, I’ve been chasing sunrises, having coffee dates, having drink dates.. and in general, I just didn’t know what to write about.

I didn’t want this blog to become focused on one thing. And I felt as I was writing things I was becoming negative. That negativity affected me and began to drag me down the rabbit hole of depression.

Not to mention that the entire month of March is usually a very emotionally draining month for me, so I wanted to step away from most things for a while and just handle things as they came. And man, they came.. and they came in a form that broke me to my core and by the last full week of March I was waving a white flag. I was over it. I was a mess, and internally I still am. I have a group of people I can lean on, and those that I need to lean on more (my husband being one).. But life just throws those kind of things. To see what you can handle. In the moment, it’s tough, but it’s when you get over it that you’re thankful for smiles, hugs and laughs.

So, lets get back on this.

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