I Was Scared…

I was scared of so much in life. Sometimes you let certain things in your past hold you back because you’re not sure how other people will react when they hear these things. When they find out the truth.

Recently I’ve realized that you can’t let those thoughts hold you back because the ones that want to be in your life, a vital part of it, are going to look through the shit storm that you were drug through and see you for you, the person who came out a little fucked up but unscathed in the grand scheme of things. 

We are not defined by our past. We are who we are now because of our past. It shouldn’t hold us back. Shouldn’t leave us feeling powerless. No, it doesn’t reign over us.

This isn’t something that will be easy to unlearn, it’s hard enough remembering that I’m not defined by my abusive past. I am who I am now because I endured it. 

Life goes on and so shall I. 


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