Girls Day 

So this past weekend a few friends and I headed to the Kettle Moraine State Forest in Wisconsin. It’s a short drive from where I live in Sheboygan so I often go hiking there. We made plans earlier last week but finalized them on Saturday night.  

the gang
Come Sunday, I picked up one friend and the other two met me at the northern forest headquarters. We took the two mile loop around Mauthe Lake and enjoyed the nice day. It was gorgeous. Perfect spring weather, close to eighty degrees and not a cloud in the sky. Of course, I forgot to apply sunscreen so I got somewhat sunburnt, but not as horrible as some of my coworkers, I found that out today. 


saved from snapchat (@ka.haskins)
Regardless, this loop is easy. Virtually flat, you end up on part of the bike path so it’s gravel. You pass through Mauthe Lake campground and pass by the beach. It’s a very easy hike. Didn’t even really break a sweat. 
the bike path
You do end up walking through different environments and ecosystems. You walk amongst large pine trees at first and through an old pine plantation, a wetland that is on the western side of Mauthe Lake, and a white cedar marsh on the east. It’s definitely an interesting environment and encourage anyone in the mood for an easy hike to check it out! 
canoeing on the stream that leads to Mauthe Lake

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