Older and Wiser?

With my 25th birthday coming up, i’ve begun contemplating a lot of things.. For example, where I would be in life. For whatever reason I thought that 25 was the magical age where wrinkles would magically appear, babies would be a joy in my life, I would have my life figured out and ducks in a row.

Instead, I’m left with a mess. Not a mess like you’d think (although the apartment is a little messy even though I cleaned some of it today) but I’m left realizing that what I thought being 25 meant at the ripe age of 18 is nothing what it truly is. Being 25 is still that awkward age where it’s after college and before you really know what to do. Many people should have careers by this time, but with the current state of the American economy, most of us are stuck working jobs that pay the bills because entry level jobs require 3-5 years of experience that we have no way of obtaining without unpaid internships.. which lets be honest, is a crock of shit.


Being 25 doesn’t and not being where I imagined I’d be isn’t disappointing. It’s actually quite nice. It means that life either had a different plan or that things will work themselves out in due time. Nothing that ever was supposed to happen happens because you planned it years ago (except for maybe college, but lets be honest, the drop out rate and student loan debt is a burden for most everyone). It’s amazing to me that when I was 18 I used to think that I’d have everything figured out. Oh how naive I was. Life changes, the plans we made for it years ago either become realistic or unrealistic. It’s the way things go.. and it’s something that we all must adjust to.

 25 doesn’t mean it’s the end of life, there’s still 5 years till 30 and even 30 is still an interesting age to be. Life isn’t planned for us. It’s all based on what we make out of it. There is no definitive age where families need to be started, marriage needs to happen and all of that. No. Life doesn’t work on a time table like that.

South Dakota in 2012

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