State Parks Review- Kohler Andrae 

Well, I’ve wanted to do something different for a while now… And why not share something I enjoy doing, hiking. So let’s start with a state park that’s a 15 min drive from me, eh? 

Kohler Andrae is a beautiful state park. It has sand dunes, pine plantations, wetland, oh and did I mention it’s right on the shores of Lake Michigan? No? I didn’t… Well, it is.  

It’s a lovely park with a relatively small campground, lots of hiking trails, and a huge picnic area for family gatherings. You can also find a wide variety of wildlife at k-a from deer, various kinds of birds, and other animals. 

There is also other things to check out at the park, like the Sanderling Nature Center. It is open mostly during the summer and they have a wide variety of different events all summer. 

If you’re ever an hour north of Milwaukee and just by the shore of Lake Michigan, this is a prime park to check out, even if you just quickly drive through it. 


All photos taken by me either on an iPhone 6s or Nikon d3200. Edited using vsco app and/or enlight app. 

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