So this isn’t a usual post, but is anything “usual” with me? No. 

Anyways let’s just dive into it. Lately I’ve been suffering with chronic pain caused by old injuries related to a sport I love. 

It all started when I was at an open hockey night with my dad and I was trying to keep up with him. I lost an edge and went knee first into the boards. Got up, hurt a little, didn’t think anything of it and carried on. Now mind you, I didn’t have my shin gaurds on. I’m pretty sure I was only wearing my hockey gloves and skates, that was it. Well, swelling began ( of course it did)bbut after a few days it didn’t decrease and my knee felt creaky. So I went to the doctors office. Found out I did a number on my knee and would have to take it easy for a while, lots of ice and ibuprofen. Okay, easy, the season was over for the year so I could totally manage that. 

Fast forward to next season… Over speed drill. Lose another edge and went flying into the boards at a pretty hefty speed, knees first, again, but this time in full gear. Other knee ends up getting pretty swollen. End up at the doctors again after a few days. They take x-rays of both knees then tell me I need physical therapy… I ended up with tendinitis. 

Lots of PT later things end up getting a little bit looser and feel a little better. Lots of rehab and lots of time riding the pine pony to make sure that my knees are stabile enough to begin skating again. Three days into being medically cleared to skate again, during a 3 on 3 drill, I got tripped up by a teammates stick and ended up landing weird and had my left skate graze my inner right leg. I shouldn’t say graze because it was deep enough I needed stitches. Back to riding the pine pony for a few weeks and no more rehab till the stitches are out… Schiesse. 

Well, even years after this injury it still tends to sneak up and wreck havoc on me. This past week has been undoubtedly hard on my body. Between the demands from work and foolishly not giving my body a break… I ended up making my tendinitis flare up. Everything from my shoulders to my Achilles was pulled as tight as guitar strings. I began feeling aches and pains associated to sciatica, which was no good. Along with that, the knuckle of  my big toe on my left foot was giving me issues so work and hiking were made painful. 

Regardless, it’s now been lots of foam rolling (yes, I had to go buy another roller) and using a spiked massage ball. Both of these methods seem to be helping alleviate my aching muscles tremendously. They’ve begun to make way in a daily routine and have left me feeling much better than prior to using these two tools daily. Now, I can only hope to keep this at bay again. 

Do you suffer from any injuries? Share in the comments with how you prevent re-injury or how you keep agile despite it. 

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