What to do… 

There’s something about marriage that no one tells you about. 

That after the honeymoon phase you fall back to reality and although you love that person, it’s a different sort of relationship than what it used to be. One where you really have to work on things. Communication, keeping the spark… Things like that. 

I wouldn’t say that it’s the same as falling out of love, because it’s not… But it’s a new sort of love. One that takes a lot of dedication. 

Lately I’ve been trying to figure this out on my own. While Tyler says all the time that he loves me, I feel like there’s so much more that could be brought to the table. Maybe it’s because I’ve been having too many discussions with other people… But I feel like I’m not bringing enough to our relationship. Yesterday I wanted to spend time with him… And I did, but I wasn’t in a cuddly mood at all. I didn’t want to be lovey-dovey… And that’s just weird for me. To be with someone, in the same place, and not want to be near them. 

But this is a new area, it’ll take adjusting, but it’s hard as hell to wrap my head around it right now because I don’t feel like that much has changed, yet for whatever reason I feel like something has. The feelings are there, but not with the same burning intensity that they used to be. 

They never tell you how to deal with this, how to keep things fresh and going… But I guess this is where you just pick it up and figure it out yourself right? 

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