Sorry guys!

Sorry guys, it’s been a while since I’ve been on here. I keep deleting the app, which is the only way I write my blog posts, due to silly space limitations on my iPhone (damn you 16g iPhone). 

Anyways, last Saturday May 28th I ventured out to the Spring Green area with some friends and hiked a new (to me) state park and I took them to my favorite spot that overlooks the Wisconsin River. 

Tower Hill SP

Our first stop was at Tower Hill State Park. We hiked up a steep incline that led directly to the shot tower (this used to be an old lead mine). The photo above was the lovely view from the top. 

We hiked around some more and ended up by the base of the shot tower, actually, right by the shot tunnel. The hike to the tunnel was fairly easy and filled with glorious views of the huge sandstone rocks and the lovely Mill River. 

Tower Hill SP

We sat by the river for about a half an hour and just enjoyed the day and the scenery surrounding us. It was such a charming place to be. 

Mill River

Then we finished up our hike and ended up in Spring Green to grab some grub. After we ate we headed northeast to Ferry Bluff. I love this place, it’s pretty easy to see why. 

View from Ferry Bluff

This ended up  being a bit more crowded than I anticipated, but I’m guessing it was due to it being Memorial Day Weekend so everyone was out and about. But the views were sill stunning, nonetheless. 

Unfortunately though, we crossed paths with a baby raccoon that must have been separated from its mother because it was bellowing out. We tried multiple times to get it away from the trail (using a stick, not touching it) but it refused.

All in all though, it was a pretty fun day, filled with sore muscles the following day. But that won’t stop me from exploring. 

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