So there has been a lot going on in my life lately. Between figuring out marriage (I feel like this will be never ending), figuring out a career, and trying to be social amongst friends I’ve once again put this blog to the back burner.

As I’m sitting here with an unsteady knee and an ever so fashionable brace holding it together I figured that today would be a good day to write an entry, however few they are.

A couple of months ago I began to be very unhappy with my job, still am, but pushing through it. I’m not the type of person who can sit idle and do the same thing day after day. Little things need to change, but at my place of employment the only thing that changes day to day are what hours I’m working and the people that I’m sticking with a needle. Other than that, it’s the same mundane work day in and out. I just can’t handle that.

It took a lot of talking and a lot of thinking but I’ve decided that I am going to go and pursue an electrical apprenticeship through the local union. It’s not what I thought I would be doing, not even remotely close, but it’s something new day in and day out and when I graduate from the apprenticeship I’ll be making double, if not close to triple what I’m currently making.

So what does that mean for the right now? Well, I didn’t meet the math requirements because I slacked off in high school. So now I’m working on that by taking an online math class offered through the union, which is nice because it’s also a review for the aptitude test that I need to take to get an interview for this apprenticeship.

What else does that mean? Well, it’s hard to say. But it means a potentially better living wage for me which could lead to paying off a lot of things better, doing work that truly pushes me and that is labor intensive which means I am actually busting my ass for things. That makes me excited.

What else has been going on? A lot. I helped move Mark on Saturday. That was rough because 1. he has so much stuff and 2. he’s one of the most genuine people that I’ve met. Our friendship is something different from those that I’ve had with most. I can say most anything, not have it censored or worry that it’ll offend, I just say whats on my mind and go from there. It’s been nice having him around to go hiking with and watching sunrises with.. but there will be plenty more times to do that with him where he’s at now. It’s just hard to adjust to right now because I’d spend so much time with him in the mornings (sunrises, duh, hour and a half of chat with to-go mugs filled with coffee) that it’s just odd to not be doing that anymore.

And yesterday after a rough night, Tyler and I took off to a place I’ve never been to  (Horicon Marsh) and walked around there for a bit, then we ended up in Oshkosh for a bit at the outlets. But things between us are a lot better a year ago communication wise. That is a reassuring thing to remember…

Other than that and my bum knee, all is going well.

Here are some photos from the last month or so.

Tyler at Horicon National Refuge (Marsh) on 8/7/16


Sunrise over lake Michigan, end of July 2016
Mighty Mississippi (Early July)

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