Let me wander into your life

Invade your dreams and desires 

Because I’m not sure what we’re doing here

But I know that it’s been a few years 

Leading to the point we’re at now.
I walk beside you and it feels like 

It was just yesterday that we met. 

We’re still inseparable

Yet we live like two different people.
Your smile tonight lit up my face

As it lit up your own 

And your embrace reminded me

I’m right at home. 
Let me wander beside you

Through woods, streams and Dunes. 

Let me be the one you wander off with

Late to catch the moon.
Be here now,

Be in this bed.

Because right here is where you belong 

Resting your head. 
I wake in the morning 

To your arm pulling me close to you.

I awake in the morning 

By the gentleness of being held.
I imagine this won’t change,

But in a positive way,

So let’s stay wandering in this life


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