Sometimes I feel like I’m stuck in a rut, something that I can’t get out of, doing the same thing day in and day out. But then sometimes something comes along that makes you realize there’s more than the mundane cycle we go through. There’s more to it. 

Yesterday Tyler and I went over to Devils lake state park outside of Baraboo. It was his first time there, my third time hiking there, 5th time in the park though (I have driven through it twice showing off its beauty to people). We had two people bail on us, so it was just us. We haven’t done a significantly long hike together… and by significantly long hike I mean it took of four hours, a good chunk of elevation gain due to hiking up both bluffs. 

It was taxing on me going up the west bluff, I felt like a let down at first because I kept having to stop and take breaks between my lungs fighting me and the lactic acid buildup in my legs, it was bad. But then tyler said that it was even hard on him, and he’s healthier than me, not having the health issues like I do (sports induced asthma and a heart murmur). 

But it was worth it going through all that pain. The views from the tops of both bluffs were gorgeous, but I think the west bluff may have the best views, but I may be one of few to think that since the east bluff has Devils doorway and balanced rock. But the views of the basin from the west bluff are incomparable. 

View of the Steinke Basin from the west bluff
By the time we got off the west bluff and made our way along the south shore to climb up the east bluff the traffic was constant. It was at this time we both remarked that we were glad that the two others I extended invites to bailed. We had never had a tough hike like that nor have we had the chance to go at our own pace… and since it was Tyler’s first time there, I’m pretty sure he didn’t mind since we were stopping a lot and taking in the view. 

A main reason I’m thankful it was just us is because we don’t get out to explore new places together but because it was his first time really in the driftless area and I was showing him the beauty of what always makes me want to go to that part of the state, but not only that, it was just nice spending time with him outside of our apartment and outside of Sheboygan. Though that may seem silly, it’s really not. As much as I wish that I could live in Madison or some place in that area to be close to all these natural wonders, I’m glad I live next to the lake. I don’t think I could not live by a body of water anymore, and Madison’s bustling streets just don’t seem appealing to me like they do to so many others. 
But yesterday was needed. It made me feel closer to him, and appreciate the fact that I really should give him more credit and plan more hikes like this, not just for me, but for us. It seems like when we’re out hiking, I get a lot closer to him because when I’m outside, that’s when my anxieties tend to cease in my mind. I just focus on the beauty around me. 

Tyler just texted me saying he’s sore (I’m back in bed after not being able to fall back asleep after he left for work, and I went and caught the sunrise) and the only thing that hurts on me is my bronchioles and the upper part of my lungs. But hopefully that should pass. Regardless, yesterday was lovely. 

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