52 hikes 

So yesterday I signed up for the 52 hikes challenge. Why? Well, because it would be something fun to do. 

As you can see in the screen shot above I wrote out goals. Easily attainable goals. So I really hope that i keep with it. Along with that I want to make them easily attainable goals so that tyler will join in on it with me. That’s not too much to ask for is it? No. not really. But at any rate, this is a good healing method for me. A good way to mourn. A good way to move on with my life and remember that there’s so many traits that I’ve picked up on and adored with my grandpa’s that it’ll be kept alive through life in means of travels & hiking. 

It seems only fitting that I do this at this point in my life. Hike, get closer with tyler, explore nature, be together, live life. It just seems right. 

2 thoughts on “52 hikes 

  1. My husband and I did this same challenge and found it quite easy even with the harsh winters we have here in the midwest. After reading your blog, I know we are quite close to each other in this area so you should have no problem completing this goal.

    Good luck, you have many trails here in WI and surrounding areas to choose from.


    1. Thanks! Yes I am currently living in Sheboygan. It’s quite a change for me to live by the lake though, but after going to college right ON the lake and moving up here after college, I don’t think I could ever live anywhere else. Well, maybe back up north again.. I did that for 19 years.


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