Driftless Hike 

I haven’t written a lot lately. Sorry… that is completely not due to lack of time. It’s just due to poor time management. 

This past weekend I went to Portage Friday afternoon and stayed until Saturday evening. It was nice. It was needed. It was everything I really needed. Good food, good booze, good company and a good hike.

I went to Portage to visit Mark. He moved there back in August and I’ve seen him in quick passes but nothing like this last weekend in quite some time.

But Friday night we went to go try a distillery that I’ve driven past a few times now. And I must say, it was pretty dang amazing.

Ironically we both ordered the same drink and same entree; driftless old fashioned sweet and jambalaya. The food was amazing. They brought out fresh bread accompanied with dipping oils.. and those were delicious. 

Saturday I awoke ungodly early, byproduct to starting work at 4:30-5am. So I wrote a lot & read the NatGeo I bought at the grocery store the week prior. 

When Mark awoke we tried to figure a plan of attack for the short day I had there. Ended up going out for breakfast and decided it was way too cold to go on the motorcycle even though I was dying to. So instead we headed to a state natural area I’ve been itching to check out not far from Portage. 

Gibraltar Rock SNA

Gibraltar rock doesn’t seem like it would offer a lot. But it does. The Ice Age Trail goes through it, which happens to be the main trail that you take to the awesome views. 

It was one of the easiest hikes I’ve ever done in the Driftless region of Wisconsin. Not a steep bluff to climb up, a very gradual incline through a variety of trees and a small pine plantation/forest. It was lovely. So very lovely. 

Log bridge

Even when the leaves have fallen down, this hike is lovely. The variation of the landscape and the sheer simplicity of the hike. I’m so glad we ended up hiking here. There was so much to see and so much to offer. 

Also, the juniper trees add so much character to this place. 

What are some of your favorite unsuspecting easy hikes? 

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