The truth about marriage…

…it isn’t that it’s not easy. We all know it’s not easy. We all know it’s supposed to be a lifelong commitment. 

It’s a lot about giving and taking. 

And it also involves a lot of growing. 

Oddly enough sometimes it feels like a rollercoaster, but sometimes you’re white -knuckling it and bracing for the drop. You know the drop. The one where everything falls apart and you fall on your face. That drop. 

But today I learned a new face of marriage. It’s being entirely selfless. Today I wanted to check out a new place to hike about a half hour from me. Tyler’s been dealing with some plantar fasciitis that’s been keeping him from hiking with me as of late. Usually I’m okay hiking alone, today I wanted someone to go with me, just because I wanted to go someplace new (to me) and I would feel more at ease if someone else was there with me. So he put on his boots, I drove and he napped. We got there and he was okay hiking out to the marsh of Woodlans Dunes Nature Preserve but on the way back to the car his feet began giving him issues. 

I felt so terrible for asking him to go with me, knowing he may end up hurting by the end. But he toughed it out and made it back to the car. He’s now laying with his feet up. I feel guilty, he’s telling me not to… 
So there’s a new face of marriage that emerged today. 

Boardwalk through the marsh

2 thoughts on “The truth about marriage…

  1. I suffer from that same condition and sought medical help it got so bad.
    With a few simple exercises and a special brace bought over the counter at any drug store I was healed in about a month.
    I feel for him…’s so painful.

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    1. I hope that his goes away. He’s stretching, rolling it out on a spiky massage ball, and icing it along with taking ibuprofen. It was his work shoes that caused it. He switched shoes (he’s on his feet for hours a day, works at a bakery) and they didn’t have enough support for work. So I got him new inserts. Hopefully this fixes itself soon or else I am recommending he goes to the Doc.


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