What about 2017?

So there’s something I don’t believe in; New Years resolutions. But I do believe in goals… so I’m going to list a few things and explain.

  • Finish 52 hikes

I’ve honestly lost track of where I am in this. I need to remedy that and track my hikes & miles. I have plenty small notebooks I can take on hikes & use for this purpose, I just seem to forget to. 

  • Live with more intention.

I feel as though this is a common thing for many people. To put the phone down more often. I was doing really well at this for a time last year but I’ve skipped. Thankfully game nights with tyler and I have remedied that, for a short while.

  • Be considerate

It’s easy at my job to lose my cool. Especially when it’s busy. It’s a mix of customer service and factory production so it’s stressful at times. I need to realize that not everyone is having their best day and be considerate of that.

  • Be mindful.

This is more in depth for me and something I’ve been meaning to really work on. To stop buying fast fashion and buy from secondhand stores/thrift/vintage stores more. To decrease the overall amount of trash and ecological impact that fast fashion has. I don’t want to contribute to that. 

  • Downsize

Between tyler and I we have stuff. You know the stuff you hold onto for years for no reason but yet you still have it because you think you’ll use it some time. Hah. Nope. I also have multiple things of the same utensil in the kitchen. And I don’t mean forks and knives. I mean multiple wooden spoons, multiple potato mashers, stuff like that. 

  • Hike more, go up north more…

In general just get out more. Some days are best spent inside with comfort, but some just aren’t. I enjoy exploring new places and new things and that’s something I really need to do more.
I’m sure there’s many other things that I could add to this, but that wouldn’t be beneficial. So this is where I’ll end it. 

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