Winter hikes & women’s rights 

That was unintentionally rhym-ey.

Yesterday I went to mirror lake SP for a led hike through fern dell gorge SNA. Holy crap was it lovely. 

First off 

Give me all those icicles.

  • Secondly,

Things like this amaze me.

Yesterday was another day at looking at things with fresh eyes. It’s amazing the little gems that are hidden throughout Wisconsin and just down the road from places that I’ve already been to and fallen in love with. 

The entire dells area of Wisconsin was created within a week due to glacial lake Wisconsin breaking through a natural dam. It’s crazy to see how it eroded the rock bed and form such beautiful landscape. 

It’s jus amazing looking at the rock formations. 
On another note, yesterday women’s marches took place throughout the world. I know, I’m getting political here… I’m not sorry. This isn’t about abortions like most think. It’s about taking claim of our bodies, our decision for when or if we want to have kids (birth control) and the access to birth control. With congress trying to defund planned parenthood it means that many locations may close. Which them limits access to birth control, scans and breast exams for many women. This is a big issue for healthcare. Also, not only does it help women but it also helps men when family planning. So… yeah. That’s an issue. 

I don’t 100% back abortion. That’s one thing that people need to understand, much like I don’t believe that we’re completely at fault for global warming, I know… it doesn’t make sense. But I understand if a woman wants an abortion, though I would rather them decide to put their child up for adoption. But there are instances where abortion is understandable (I know, this may make some cringe) like if a rape happens, sexual assault of any sort or if it is an ectopic pregnancy. Planned parenthood offers a safe place to have this procedure done. If we take away that ability many women may in turn go to unsafe places or lengths to end an unwanted pregnancy. This is not good. 
This is where I’ll end today, because it’s too much already probably. 

Side note: if you don’t agree with my views, please don’t attack them, let’s have an open conversation. 

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