Is this really February? 

Friday morning came and went. What I mean by that was I spent it sitting on a rock…

Looking at the world below me.

Gibraltar Rock SNA

Why did I drive just over 2 hours to catch the sunrise here? Because I needed to. My mind has been heavy lately with a LOT of self doubt about my next step in life. I sat for my union battery the last day of January and found out on Wednesday night that I passed it and got an offer to interview with the 494 apprenticeship committee at the Fon Du Lac IBEW hall. I should’ve been excited about that, right? I wasn’t. I instantly began doubting if I’d make it. Math isn’t my strong suit and a lot of electrical work involves math. On top of that females are the minorities within the skilled trades. 

But besides calming my mind, I wanted to test myself. To see if I could trust myself to hike alone. Why? Because I love hiking the driftless area of the state but hate waiting for others to be able to join me. I love hiking with people, but when I want to go, I want to go. I don’t want to text a plethora of people and pray that they’re available to join. 

So off by myself I went. And it was fun.


I still cannot believe that it hit 56 degrees in the Dells area of the state on Friday. I can only imagine what it hit on Saturday while I was back in Sheboygan working a closing shift. 

Parfreys Glen

Yesterday though I found myself at Harrington Beach SP. It was a bit cooler by the lake but still was gorgeous out.

Lake Cabin visible from Harrington Beach

It definitely doesn’t feel like February in Wisconsin. It feels more like late March, which is crazy. This winter has been even milder than last. Now that sounds crazy to say. 

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