So I’ve been doing something lately. In a word where we’re all attached, I’m trying to disconnect…from my phone that is. 

It seems to always be there as a way to curb boredom. An easy distraction. 

I’ve missed out on many chances to initiate conversations and dig into deeper conversations because of this pesky device. 

So why am I doing it? A recent study came out showing that those who spend hours on social media feel alone. I have to agree with this. It’s easy for us to be in a room full of people, be on our phones, and still feel alone. We’re depressed. Why? Because so many people only share the good parts of their life on social media. That’s not good. We’re setting a persona, however edited and manipulated it may be, to show off what we want to be, not who we truly are. That’s unfair. 

So lately to divert from my phone use I’ve been reading more. 

What have I read? 

 I Don’t Wait Anymore By Grace Thornton

Loving My Actual Life By Alexandra Kukendall 
Both of them are great Christian reads about how we don’t have total control over our lives, God does. I wish I could explain them both in thorough detail but that’s not for this post. 

I’ve also been participating with Tyler on doing Love Dare devotionals. They re-center our focus on us, our relationship. And man has it assisted in our way of communicating ourselves, needs, wants and desires like none other. We’re only roughly 20 days through this and it’s been a blessing. 

But the main point of this, the being mindful about my phone, is to be more aware. Aware of what’s around me. Aware of my friends and our relationships. I want to reconnect with many but if I keep pulling out my phone when trying to talk to someone I haven’t seen in over a year, it seems entirely rude. 

I’ve been using the moment app to help track my useage on my phone. It alerts me to how much I’ve been on my phone and what apps I use the most. Interesting, right? 

Are you too attached to your phone? How do you know? What are your symptoms? 

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