The Scrolling Options 

I’m writing this while laying in bed. 

I’m laying in bed, guys. 

My husband is right next to me in the same bed but we’re each on our phones. This isn’t to make him look bad, no, he asked if I wanted to snuggle, I said only if he wanted. 

This is about so much more. 

Last week I was doing really well with putting down my phone, this week not so much. Today I wanted to read but instead ended up scrolling mindlessly on Instagram for half an hour. 

Only two things have been done on my to-do list for the week so far. Two. I need a kick in the rear, but also some grace. 

Sometimes I come home from work and just feel exhausted. I want to disconnect a bit from having to interact with people. Yet what do I do? Turn on my phone and mindlessly scroll through things. So that time I wanted to spend alone with myself isn’t truly being spent alone. It’s spent scrolling through snippets of other people’s lives that they want to share. It’s not even their true life, just a snippet of their true life. Who even knows what’s going on in the background of a post besides those who posted it and those who happen to be present. 

Now this, this mindlessness needs to end. It’s not only frustrating to me as I’m becoming more aware of it but I know it cannot be healthy for any relationships that I have with people. I just, need to do something about this entirely. 

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