It’s been a bit

… and that is perfectly okay with me. I never said when I started this blog that I was going to be consistent. That is way too much for me, though I wish I could be. But there is a lot going on in my life. The constant small things that go on day to day on top of working… they keep one pretty occupied. Then adding in things like doing things with friends, random hikes and outings, the next thing you know it’s Wednesday and the last time you felt like you showered was Saturday (though in reality you’ve showered in between there, you just don’t remember it).

Here’s a little update: I’m waiting on placement to become an apprentice. An apprentice? Of what? I want to become an inside wireman electrician. So right now, through the Local 494 I’m waiting to be placed with a contractor for work. Placements began at the beginning of May and run until the end of July. I’m still waiting, anxiously, and it’s not easy just sitting here waiting. Thankfully though I am working at the job I’ve held since graduating college so that keeps me busy enough. Though I cannot wait to get that letter, go out and buy my tools and work boots… I know it’ll be bittersweet and bring on a new bunch of anxieties too.

Another update: right now, today precisely, begins 10 days off from work. I was originally planning on not going back till next Thursday (June 1st), but corporate had another idea… well, not corporate entirely but one of our solution manufacturers. We’ve been on a nationwide shortage of anticoagulant (it helps keep the blood from clotting during plasma donation) for a few months now. It’s gotten so bad lately that we’re stretched so thin day to day that my center and others aren’t sure if we’ll be able to stay open all day due to how limited of a supply we have in our on-sire warehouse. Not good. Not good at all. So, I’ve used three of my leftover vacation days to help cover for this because I would be going unpaid otherwise… and that is less than ideal. So today I’m just taking it easy. Tonight Tyler and I are going on a date night to a BBQ joint that opened up near the riverfront in Sheboygan. I’m excited. I already know I’m going to get the catfish fry. I mean, come on, it is FRIDAY in WISCONSIN, it’s only natural to go with a fish fry! Other than that I have a hike planned this weekend (which was already planned before this closing even took place) but now I’ll be taking an unexpected trip North and head home for  a few days since I actually have time. I mean, why not, right?

But, alas, I want to keep on track with a few blog posts. I’m hoping to write up one a week. I have a few topics in mind, and man do they vary.

Next week: Library love and teaching myself to settle and read again
Two Weeks: Downsizing and getting rid of emotional baggage

I hope you come back in a week or two and read those next few posts. It would mean the world to me. I know they’re completely different subjects, but one blog cannot simply focus on one subject before it gets stale, right? Unless it is sports, then… GO PREDS! Oh, sorry, bet you never thought I’d say that but I’m not the biggest fan of Sid the Kid.

I hope you’ll be back here soon,


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