Recent Reads

Hey guys, 

So I mentioned in my last post that I would be talking about books & forcing myself to settle down & relax a bit. Well, here it is! 

I wanted to begin reading again because it was a way for me to relax and unwind as a teen. Not only that but I’d read and comprehend things so quickly. I’ve noticed lately that the particular skill set needed for that had been lessening for me. I wasn’t able to read and comprehend as quickly as I used to, and that’s not just because of the content I was reading. 

So, the beginning of this year I bought a few books. And when I mean a few, it’s probably been about a dozen. Whoops. Out of those dozen I’ve had a few duds, but a lot I’ve really liked, thankfully. 

Also, in a quest to keep my expenses down I’ve been visiting the library to pick up a few books every few weeks. That way if I pick up a dud of a book I don’t feel bad for quitting it and I also don’t feel obligated to read it because I spent money on it. Best of both worlds, right? 

Regardless, the only way I can read lately between work and other things (ya know, having a life) is to schedule it. So every day I try to read for a half an hour the hour before I go to bed. I know that may not be ideal because I may associate reading with sleep, but thankfully I haven’t…yet. Usually though it helps take my mind off of the daily stressors that I’ve been dealing with. Sometimes if it’s been a really bad day, I get home and immediately read for a half hour. Don’t even look at my phone. It’s just a good way to decompress. 

Alas, I want to leave this post with a few tips.

  1. Don’t feel bad about quitting a book. 
  2. Set a timer/alarm on your phone so you don’t end up mindlessly scrolling through social media for a half an hour. Set a timer for a certain amount of time and set that dang phone down!
  3. Don’t stick to one genre of book. Sometimes it’s best to pick up a different type of book and be pleasantly surprised. 
  4. Relax. Don’t rush through the book at all. Your speed is your speed, it’s not a competition.
  5. The library is your friend. Sometimes though you’ll need the librarian’s help to find a specific book, don’t be afraid to ask for help. 

Thanks for reading!


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