My Thoughts On Minimalism

Now, let me start this by saying I’m not here to be like Emily Gilmore and advocate for you to hold up EVERYTHING you own and ask yourself if it brings you joy or not and then you find yourself wearing your daughter’s clothes she left behind.

No, I’m not here to advocate for that. That’s highly unrealistic. What I am about to talk about is more simple than that, and it’s just outright downsizing and simplifying your life.

Now realistically what does that look like? It looks like getting rid of things that are empty, unused, unworn and things that just simply take up space and are in excess. This isn’t something that’s going to take a weekend to do. If you want it to last, it’ll take a while. And it’s not just simply with the things that we own, it’s more than that. You know those stupid spam emails that you get? Yeah, unsubscribe from those.

I’m going to do a simple breakdown of things and areas in my life that I’m slowly but surely going through. For everyone this looks a little different.

  1. Makeup – I have way too much makeup. And for someone who only wears it when I have time to apply it or have a special occasion to go to, it’s a bit unreasonable to own 7 different eye shadow pallets. Just like it’s a bit wasteful for me to have  4 different colors of blush when I usually gravitate towards the same one, regardless of the season it is.
  2. Body products/ Skincare- I’ve been on the hunt for 3 main products that I can use on my face and a simple 2-step system for my body. For my skin I need a cleanser that isn’t too harsh, a toner that doesn’t tighten my skin too much or irritate it, and a moisturizer that helps my combination skin and lasts long enough to make the places that usually flake to not flake. Right now I have way too many products, a few moisturizers I threw away last week because I finally ordered a facial oil and it seems to be helping my combination skin greatly.
  3. Clothing – Do I really need an entire winter wardrobe? No. I usually find myself wearing the same few items of clothes until their worn out or shrunk. So why do I keep finding myself holding onto items that I don’t wear? Who knows, but that needs to stop and clearly it is by the two garbage bags full of clothing items that I have in my closet.
  4. Kitchen/ Cooking Utensils- Do I really need 10 wooden spoons? No. So lets give some away. Lets throw some of the more worn ones away. Do I need to keep this rice cooker I’ve only used once? Hell no! Especially because it actually takes longer to cook rice in it than the conventional way (imagine that).
  5. Books- Like I mentioned in the last post, I have way too many books that I bought this year. While some are new, a good chunk are old ones that I just haven’t picked up in ages and have moved with me from apartment to apartment. I really should just get rid of them since clearly they’re not what I have been in the mood to read. So why allow them to take up shelf space? That seems a bit unpractical right?
  6. Digital- I have two email accounts. One from pre-college and then my college email. Both get email fliers/newsletters from stores. Many of those stores I no longer shop at but instead of unsubscribing from their mailing list I just simply delete the email. This still allows for useless emails to bombard my inbox… so instead of being bombarded with 30 emails from shops in the morning, I’m trying to proactively get that initial morning email number halved if not even lower. Now, if they’re places I really still shop at, clearly I’ll stay subscribed. But I don’t need that unneccessary temptation of buying something just because it’s new and shiny. No thank you.

Now, these are just my areas that I’m trying to declutter and get rid of excess. But as you can see this is all things related. But what about events and doing? Should you always say yes to doing things? No. If it isn’t feasible and fit into your schedule or make you happy in some way, don’t waste your time doing it. Seriously, don’t. Just because many think that doing things are better than doing nothing doesn’t mean that you have to give into your FOMO (fear of missing out). There are other things that will bring you joy and those are the things that you should be doing. Don’t like drinking but your friend wants you to go out to the bar? Offer an alternative, like a game night in where they can BYOB and you can just drink water. Or offer to buy them brunch the next day.

There are many different areas of minimalism. It’s not just all about the things , it also reaches to other parts of your life.

Thanks for reading,


(Featured photo from Pixabay)

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