Donation Piles

As I’m writing this, it’s Sunday, June 11. Tyler and I just compeleted yet another purge of two specific areas. 


Well we had some things stored at his mom’s place, which now has sold, so we’re bringing them into our apartment. As we’re bringing into our apartment we’re actively going through the stuff more and getting rid of things we didn’t even know we had (within the totes we’re bringing in) or getting rid of things we already had within our apartment and just aren’t using. 

The feeling that comes with getting rid of things is great. Today we bagged up some old towels (that are in mint condition) that we never used since we got new ones as wedding gifts a few years ago. Aside from that I have a tote full of linens that is probably going to find its way back to my mom’s house. 

We usually try to wait to do a goodwill run until we have enough ‘stuff’ to fill my Ford Edge. I know that may seem a bit excessive to hold onto clutter for so long but for us it seems worthwhile, especially since we have to go down a flight of stairs to load everything into my car and Goodwill is on the other end of town from where our apartment is. 

Another note, we went to the USGA US Open merch tent in Erin, Wi yesterday (the tournament is at Erin Hills Golf Course) and bought a few things. So in order for us to bring these in to our apartment I wanted to get rid of some things so I didn’t feel guilty for bringing something in while also downsizing. I know that may defeat the purpose but I already have a golf pullover from when I worked in college athletics and I wear it to death, so I wanted to buy another. 

Other than that, these last few months with getting rid of things really shows me that I should be more mindful with what I bring in and what I really use and need within my life. This already is becoming life changing and I’m excited to see what happens next. 

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