Saying No

Sometimes we find ourselves saying yes to far too many things. Then in the blink of an eye we’re forgetting the things that we need to do for ourself because we’re too busy doing things for other people. Why? Why is it so hard for many of us to say no. It’s just a two letter word yet so many of us struggle to say it aloud to people that we care for.

Two days ago I found myself hysterical. I literally ran my 2013 Ford Edge into a rock that was used as a curb at my mother in law’s condo. I broke the rocker panel off of my right side back passenger door and shifted the baseboard plastic piece as well. Why did this happen? Simply put, I didn’t say no. I’ve been running myself ragged lately and not taking care of myself mentally. When you have a mental illness and you don’t take care of yourself first, everything else goes to shit. I don’t mean that to be an excuse but it’s a truth for me.

Last week I found myself on an unexpected vacation due to my workplace closing for a week due to a supplier shortage. With that time I found myself back home, in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, running around my mothers yard chasing after my nephew. There’s nothing more that I would have rather been doing at that moment, other than maybe working. Last week’s forced vacation made me stress, a lot, and wonder about things that I had no control over. Constantly wondering how long this supply shortage would go on, if I would be able to get my hours or if I’d be screwed (thankfully no). But still, it’s just far too real when you end up wasting a week of vacation to cover for something that isn’t even your own fault our your boss’ fault. Still, this situation was unlike anything that I had ever experienced before and right now, as I’m still typing this, I’m still nervous about the possibility of my hours being cut even though my management assures me that it won’t be (but who’s to say with how long this supply shortage will continue).

Regardless, that was some backstory, I hope that it laid a good foundation for what’s about to come next. Next weekend (or rather this weekend seeing as though I’m writing this on Friday, June 9th but I plan on publishing this on Tuesday, June 13). There’s so many loose ends that I still need to finish up with that, not many but enough to make me fret a little. On top of that Tyler got asked last night to do video, then his mom retracted that as quickly as the words came out of her mouth because she heard how stressed it made Tyler and Chantel. Yes, they both got stressed about it. On top of it Tyler and I have been far out of the loop of when his mother’s condo closes (she sold it, finally, but not without a few hiccups). But because we have no clue what is going on, we’ve been scrambling to get the few things that we had stored in her basement out of there. WHAM, there’s more stress added to our already busy life. Oh, I need new tires at the end of the summer? Great. Oh I lost my wallet in the Dells over Memorial Day weekend, swell. As you can tell, this month began on a rough note. But let me tell you, communication through all of this would’ve been far much better than no communication at all. By the way, my wallet was turned into the sheriff thanks to a nice local, everything but the $20 I had still in it, not a big deal.

Regardless, when people don’t want to communicate what is going on, sometimes you just have to say no because you’ll be walking around unsure of what you’re doing is even right. That isn’t some way to be. It makes things 10x more complicated than it needs to be and adds so much unnecessary stress. Sometimes we just need to step away from a situation before we invest too much time into it and then end up hurt because it was the wrong thing. And sometimes the only thing that we can do is just simply breathe. Sometimes that’s all I can handle some days. Sometimes burnout happens from different things, it’s not always related to your job. It could be a wide array of things. Regardless, it sucks. It takes a bit to realize that you are even burnt out. But saying yes to too many things can very easily lead to this, especially if you’re not looking out for your own best interests first. I know that I am ending this post very abruptly but I feel that’s the way that this should end.

Thanks for reading this, guys!



This post was inspired by one by Tiffiny

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