The True Price of Essential Oils 

Hey guys,

So, let me tell you something, some MLM’s (multi-level marketing) are awesome. Some are not. Some sell some products that just simply sell themselves (looking at you LipSense) and some don’t (looking at you Young Living). 

Why are some more effective than others? Probably simply because of the training that some people get to effectively close on sales and also because some people are just simply good at direct sales. 

But this isn’t about that. This is about Young Living and me cutting the tie with that as much as I can. As of right now I’m still a member simply because there are oils that I cannot find anywhere else that I use (Idaho Blue Spruce) almost weekly. 

What made me decide to begin leaving and buying less from Young Living? Well, that’s simple really. Tyler and I want to save up for a down payment on a house and I knew that cutting the $50-100 I was spending on oils monthly would help aide with that. Also, I was scraping by ordering things that I didn’t really need but wanted to try and most of those were flops and I felt bad for even wasting money on that. 

Also, I was comparing prices of young Living against 100% organic oils and YL’s oils were still double the price of organic oils. I couldn’t justify it anymore. I couldn’t justify paying such a steep price for oils when all it was doing was lining people’s pockets that I didn’t know and wasn’t paying the person that I was signed up under. That’s not fair. 

But what really caused me to rethink everything was when YL just released a bug repellant. It’s ingredients are the same as one that I am using now. Just double the price. Just look at the two images below. 

Ingredients for Young Living’s repellent

Badger Balm’s bug repellent

Badger Balm’s repellent is awesome. I first used it on a hike Memorial Day weekend of 2016. In the thick of the woods in the driftless area of Wisconsin (Tower Hill SP more precisely). It kept the mosquitos at bay and most bugs away from me. For a 4 oz aluminum shaker bottle of the spray it’s roughly $12 (without shipping) on their website. YL charges $32 for roughly 4 oz of this spray as well. Not to mention that YL’s container is plastic and you have to dispense this liquid into your hand THEN spread it across your body. What bug spray doesn’t come with a mister? That just baffles me. 

Also, I haven’t even mentioned the big issue with the types of oils. Badger Balm uses 100% organic oils, while YL totes that it uses 100% pure therapeutic grade oils. Look closely at a YL bottle, that statement ‘100% pure therapeutic grade’ is trademarked by them. In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t really mean much! Horrible, right!? 

Regardless, I just cannot justify that price hike anymore. It’s ridiculous. So instead I began doing research and looking into other companies. Companies that can prove their oils are good, but I’m going to make a post about that another time. But guys, please don’t feel pressured to join an MLM just to make quick cash. Half the time it doesn’t pan out and you end up having to put as much work into this side job as you do your regular job. 

Thanks for reading!


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