Going Out Whilst Saving Money 

So last night Tyler and I went out to a local brewery. One who’s beer is distributed state wide and has made a name for our humble town. 

We had a few drinks and spent a total of two and a half hours there (that’s a long time for us). But I’m glad we did. 

When you’re saving money for something big it’s easy to feel guilty about going out. Because that money that you’re spending can just easily be placed aside and used towards what you’re saving for. But at the same time, while Dave Ramsey and many articles written by the Financial Diet say you should just stop going out… it’s not that easy. 

Why isn’t it that easy? For starters, Tyler and I don’t go out often. If we do we only have a drink or two. Last night we only had two full beers each and we kept ordering 3 oz pours of various brews as well. So that was a little cheaper on the wallet because it allowed for us to try different varieties of beer and expand even more on what we thought we already liked. 

Aside from that, going out for us is a treat. It’s not expected. We can find cheap ways to enjoy ourselves regardless but sometimes you just need to let loose and enjoy a few sips of good craft beer. There should definitely be a few guidelines when you go out though, just to make sure that you don’t end up feeling guilty for enjoying life a little bit. 

  1. Definitely eat something at home if you plan on drinking alcoholic beverages. Why? You won’t get what I call the dreaded ‘drunchies’ as quickly. And you’ll also be less tempted to order the food that they have there. 
  2. Know how much money you have. What I mean by that is use cash. Once that cash is gone, you’re done. 
  3. Only go out occasionally. There will be those people who go out every single weekend on both Friday and Saturday. Don’t be that person if you’re trying to save money. That’s one sure fire way to sabotage yourself and throw away money you could’ve used. 
  4. Plan. If you know that your friends want to get together one night, plan on that being your night to go out, don’t go out two nights in a row for the heck of it. 

I feel like these are all common sense things. But they’re definitely things that sometimes get overlooked, which is easy to have happen, especially during a busy season in your life. 
Thanks for reading,


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