Last month I signed up for Book Of The Month Club, little did I know that I’d actually enjoy it SO much. But really, its grand. I love that they offer it for $10/mo for a 3 month subscription. That’s over HALF the price off a regular hardcover book. Also, when I signed up they had a code you could enter at checkout and get a free copy of Into The Water, which I did, and loved. More on that later though. 

Last month’s book pick was Chemistry. In short it’s about a young woman working on her doctorate in chemistry, how she feels inadequate and drops out. Due to that her significant other and her start fighting more and more (also, he’s proposed to her multiple times and she says no). It also depicts her story of immigration from China and how her family struggles in this new land. 

Overall, it’s a good book. A very quick read. The style of writing is a little odd but it makes it an easy read as long as you figure out where some quotation marks are supposed to go and some other grammar. 

This book didn’t really lure me in. It was relatable to me since I was a biology major and that feeling of the unknown, figuring out if what you’re doing is right or not. That I could relate to. 

Mostly I read it so quickly because of how easy of a read it was and because I wanted to move on to the next book. It wasn’t a horrible book but it definitely wasn’t as page turning as Into The Water, but with that I’m comparing two different authors which isn’t fair. 

But, that’s all I am going to say about this book before giving away spoilers. If you want a quick & easy read about life and relationships, I’d recommend this. 

Are you a member of BOTM? 

What book are you reading currently?
Thanks again,


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