Review: The Salt House

So last week it seemed that all of my library holds came in at once. While that was a bit overwhelming I figured that I would weed out a few and return ones and read those at a later time. The first book I picked out of the initial four was a book titled “The Salt House” by Lisa Duffy.

The main summary of this book is that it’s about a family in Maine whose lives turned upside down when their youngest member died. The mother says that she just simply stopped breathing but there is more two it. This book goes through the families way of dealing with the grief of this passing and also focuses on another storyline of how an old sworn enemy comes into play with the father of the family. Now with this setting being in Maine you can expect a lot of nautical references and get a good feel for the setting. 

One aspect that I enjoyed most about this book was the alternating voices. Every chapter was from a viewpoint of a family member and never were the viewpoints back to back. I loved that because it added variety and gave a backstory for how every member of the immediate family dealt with this sudden death. 

The tie in with Ryland Finn made the story even more complex and interesting. It was great that it was added in because it added some extra depth to the story and you undeniably got the full picture. 

If you’re looking for a quick summer read, this one is definitely one. Check out! 
If you’ve read this book already, what are your thoughts about it?
Thanks for reading,


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