Palm South University Season 1 (boxed set)

Woah. I don’t even know where to start with this. Palm South University just kind of fell into my lap when I saw Kandi Steiner post on her Instagram that her first two seasons of this series were on sale in e-book form for dirt cheap. 

If you know me, you know I can’t pass up a good deal, but holy moly was I pleasantly surprised by this book. 

Season 1 of PSU sets up the story of main characters and itroduces you two a few fraternities and sororities and its inhabitants. 

Every character has an interesting story. Some are a little bit more bland than others but it’s their interactions that make it worthwhile to read. The way that Kandi doesn’t focus on classes but the social aspect of college is what sets it apart from most other college-based books (or at least for me).  

I read this book within a few short days and it was in conjunction with me reading The Salt House (that review is a blogpost before this one). 

If you want a quick page turner and one that’ll keep you guessing what will happen next on Greek Row, this is your book! 

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