Review: Palm South University Season 2

About a week ago I read the first part of the Palm South University series. Book three is being released in a few short days!! While I’m excited for that, let’s get into the grit about season 2. 

Season 2 of PSU was not nearly as well written as PSU season 1. Sorry, but this is just my thought on that. I felt like there could’ve been far more character growth between certain characters and that some just kind of seemed to fade out and bore me (Adam & Skyler). 

While I enjoyed finding out what happened to Ashlei and her mission to become free from Xavier, I feel like that kind of took a back seat, rightfully so, with her relationship budding wth Bo. 

Another thing; Erin, poor Erin. Girl just keeps getting knocked down. I feel like Erin’s storyline is what made me really dislike season two. It felt raw, it felt impersonal. I felt like the struggles that she was facing were written about in a way that kept poking at her exposed wounds and didn’t give it any time to settle. 

Okay, now that I talked about my dislikes about season 2, let’s talk about the good things. JESS! Oh my goodness, Jess! That girl almost let something perfect slide through her fingers just because she was so nervous about a relationship. She let her fear almost hold her back!! 

Oh and Bear. The way he says “Bear hugs are the best hugs”. It melts me. I’m glad that he brought Clayton down for family weekend, even more so that he formed a relationship, oddly, with a hookup that ended up flopping. Bear is doing Bear, and that’s all you can ask sometimes. 

Those two people were probably my favorite to read about, not because of their sexual encounters but because of the fact that I felt that their characters grew more throughout this season compared to other characters. 

Have you read PSU? Do you have Season 3 on pre-order? Do you plan on reading season 3? 
Thanks for reading!


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