Review: The Stranger In The Woods

Hi guys! 

This review is a couple of days overdue. I finished The Stranger In The Woods: The Extraordinary Story of The Last True Hermit by Michael Finkel on Sunday… and now it’s Tuesday. 

I won’t be posting the synopsis of the book but if you want to know more about it, click here

Per the usual, there were things I liked and disliked about this book. Let’s start with the things I disliked. I felt like once you got halfway through the book it just started to drag. It didn’t really feel like the pace was at all what the first half of the book was. I found myself falling asleep a lot easier while reading it and becoming uninterested in it. The only reason I continued reading it was because I wanted to see why the author wrote it, and what happened to the hermit at the end (don’t worry, it’s not all that exciting). I told a few people of bookstagram I was expecting it to be a lot more like Into The Wild but that was not the case. 

A few things that I did enjoy about this book though was the fact that the words flowed so well so that you could easily and quickly read it. I also enjoyed the fact that the author interviewed many people who owned cabins near where the hermit camped and what their impression or thoughts on him were. It was interesting how some people thought that there was no way that the hermit could’ve lived through the winters of Maine without any assistance whatsoever, yet many heard how he made it through and believed him. Another thing that I found interesting was the hermit’s true intentions for going out in the woods. I found it interesting that he had no desire to go back into society and when he was forced to, it made him incredibly anxious. 

While this book was a quick read, it isn’t really one that I’d recommend to a friend. It’s just not one that I found enjoyable and I feel like there are better written wilderness survival memoirs out there (ahem, Into The Wild). 

Have you read this book? Would you also recommend it to a friend or no? 
Thanks for reading,


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