Friday Book Wrap Up!! Week 1

Hey guys,

So this is a new series that I said I’d be doing weekly about what books I’ve been reading, what ones I’ve completed, ones that I’ve seen get hyped on bookstagram that I’m interested in, ones that I’ve seen at the library, so on and so forth.

Before I get started on this weeks reads, I need to back pedal a little bit and go to books that I finished last month. So lets begin there.

What I Finished:
Hyperlinked titles will take you to Goodreads where you can read the description of the book. Linked titles will also open a new window so that you don’t have to worry about coming back to this page.

  1. The Shark Club (read Aug 20-22)
  2. Gather the Daughters (read Aug 22- 25)
  3. Shadow & Bone (Book one of the Grisha trilogy) (read Aug 26-27)

What I liked about these books:

The Shark Club: This fueled my inner science nerd (I went to college originally for x-ray tech, switched into biology and natural sciences have always amazed me). Maeve talks about her journey which led her to being a marine biologist and studying sharks while also talking about her family dynamic and some things left undone with the past. I loved this book with how it flowed and the story line. I feel that there were a few characters that could’ve been expanded upon but to do that, you’d need about 50-100 extra pages.

Gather the Daughters: about 30 pages into this dystopian novel that rightfully got hyped to the max on bookstagram I found myself asking “is this about a cult? this is definitely about a cult”.  It was definitely about a cult where daughters mate young, men work for a living and they’re trying to bring new blood to the island so that so many women stop having deformed and premature babies (aka, stop the inbreeding). This is an interesting take on life and the cult mentalities. I felt bad for Janey who tried so hard to change the way that things were done but failed due to an illness spreading across the entire island and killing far too many people.

Shadow & Bone: The Grisha trilogy is widely hyped on bookstagram, rightly so. It’s a mix, in my mind, of Lord of The Rings and and Harry Potter. Why? Well, it’s part an adventure and defending a kingdom/going to war with other kingdoms and partly uses magic. So that’s why I associate this series with those two series. Anyways, it’s really easy to fall in love with the characters, to watch how their relationships change over the course of this book and to see how they’re pitted against one another in tough times. Halfway through this book I bought the next two books of the series off of Amazon. Thank you prime because they arrived at my door exactly when I needed them to (aka, right before I finished the first book).

Okay, now that we’re done playing catch up for last month. Lets continue on with what I’ve read so far this month.

What I Finished:

  1. Siege & Storm (read Aug 28-Sept 2)
  2. The Hate U Give (read Sept 3-6)

What I Liked:

Siege & Storm: as the second and middle child of this series I felt like this just dove far deeper into the plot line. I definitely thought it was different with how it showed Alina trying to use her powers for good while the trinkets that she had on her to enhance her powers seemed as though they were draining her of her livelihood. This is a classic middle child in a series, but not a let down. Definitely had to push yourself through some parts that were necessary for the plot but felt like they dragged at points.

The Hate U Give: I read this as part of the Diverse Books Club (if you don’t know what that is, check them out on Goodreads). I was blown away by Starr’s perspective on events that are going on right now. About how minorities feel about those being gunned down and shot just because of their skin color or police claiming that they were afraid. This definitely provided some valuable insight and made me realize that I was just like one of Starr’s friends not long ago with my type of thinking (looking at you, Hailey). It was so sad though to see her struggling with her friends death, but rightfully so since he was shot right in front of her during a routine traffic stop (tail light was out). This book is so valuable that I cannot stop suggesting it to be read.

Books I did not finish:
Wonder Woman: Warbringer: I am not a superhero person at all. I like The Avengers but I’m not one of those that religiously watches the movies nor do I read the comics (sorry). But I saw that Leigh Bardugo wrote this book and I thought, heck, why not? So I had it on hold at the library, it came in, and last weekend I began reading it. I felt like it was moving slow, and truly it did. 120 pages into it (almost 9 chapters in) it felt like it finally picked up. But why I put this down was mostly because I felt like it was picking up slow. I’m not saying that I won’t ever pick up this book again because I probably will, I love the way Leigh writes too much to let this book sit by the wayside. Also, it began getting interesting because it worked its way out that Alia is an African-American teen and she was talking about how she was being judged when no one knew her or knew her last name. How badly she just wanted to be treated normal. Also, another interesting fact worked out that her parents were an interracial couple which I feel like could be expounded on within this book but I did not get far enough to really see how that relationship played out. Don’t fret, at some time or another I’ll get there.

What I’m reading now:

You Are A Badass: I am finding this book entirely inspiring. I cannot even really begin to describe how amazing this book in. I’m not even halfway through it right now but it is definitely giving me some insight on areas that I could improve within my life. I’m not going to go too far in depth with what I think about this book right now because I want to read all of it first, think about it, then give my thoughts on it.

Well, that’s week one in the books for this new format of reviewing books!
I feel like over 1,100 words is far enough for one week. Definitely expect some other areas to expand next Friday.

Thanks for reading,


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