Weekly Wrap Up: Week 2

Today is all about well, books I finished, didn’t finish, checked out and am reading.

It’s not all that exciting. There’s been a bit of a lull in my reading lately and that was intentional this month. It’s a busy month for me but even more so when you’ve got a few half day hikes planned that include a 4 hour round trip drive. 

So, there’s that. 

Then there’s just lack of interest thanks to depression being ever so present (thank you). 

But away we go:

Books I’ve Finished:

Yes, I finally finished You are a Badass. It took me a while mostly because I feel like most self help books get a little repetitive near the end. This one near the end was a clear lead into her money making book, You Are a Badass at Making Money. 

I’d rate it at a 3.25/5 stars. If you’re in a motivational slump, this will help you.

Books I Have Checked Out:

These are all the books I currently have checked out of the library, with the exception of The Chemistry Of Calm. I recently returned that one unfinished. I am currently reading Undoing Depression and loving the authors take on depression. He, himself, deals with depression as well. So his view on depression is a bit more whole-minded instead of “just take a pill, it’ll help”. 

All American Boys was one I saw someone rave about on Instagram, so after how much I loved The Hate U Give for its well needed point of view, I couldn’t pass this up.

The other two books, 10% Happier and Love Your Life Not Theirs. Are ones I’ve been wanting to read for a while. More mental health and more financial reading. Exactly what I need right now (but really, I do). 

I’m keeping this week short due to, well, being incredibly busy. Next week I’m going to add in a tiny paragraph on what bookish podcasts I enjoy listening to, so be on the lookout for that! 

Thanks for reading,


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