I Have a Problem…

… and I know that I can’t be the only one who deals with it.

I’m an emotional eater. With that I make many excuses for sweets and they find their way into my mouth and thus into my digestive system. 

This had lead to me not really knowing when I’m hungry due to a falseness of how “full” I feel. Though I may feel hungry, I really shouldn’t be. 

Alongside that I eat when I’m bored. Sometimes I truly do need a snack to hold me over between meals, but most times I don’t. 

I actively realized this as I stopped buying chocolate on my grocery trips (kit kats & m&m’s) that I haven’t really been craving them nearly as much as I used to. Along with that I don’t feel as bloated as I used to after binging on many sweets. 

So what does this mean? Well, I’m going to actively try to eat when I’m hungry, as best as I can, which can be a bit tough at my job because I am at mercy for whomever is taking over for me for my break/lunch. Sometimes they’re not scheduled around a time when I’m truly hungry. 

Also, to coincide with that, I am going to add to the notes within the Stigma app (an app that allows you to track your moods to better help understand how your mental health has been the last few days/weeks/months). I’ve slowly been doing that but want to actively do it more. So this shall be interesting. 

Note: I am not doing this as a way to lose weight. I am perfectly okay with what I weigh, but for someone who doesn’t have the best relationship with food due to resenting it because of the way my body reacts to certain foods after eating them (thanks, IBS) this is critical for me. Maybe if I can get my bored eating under control then I can further work on managing my IBS. 

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