Hello, Again.

It’s been what, about 6 mos since I last wrote a blog post? Yeah, about that.

At the end of April we bought a house a block away from Lake Michigan in Sheboygan. It was mayhem but totally worth it. We’ve slowly been updating and remodeling like we want and doing certain things that need to happen.

We had a stint with bats and a few mice, but so far we haven’t had anything too big happen, which is a-ok with me.

Last November I was promoted at my job and again in July I was promoted. So that has been interesting. Both Tyler and I are working mostly opposite shifts but we’re making it work. We’re more aware of it this time through than we were last time, which is totally necessary to make our marriage work.

I definitely want to post on here more than I have been because, well, I want to make it my way of staying off social media. But thats just me. Hopefully I can make that work because I’m tired of just mindlessly scrolling like I have a habit of doing lately. It’s bad. So very bad.

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