Social Media Detox update #1

What I really should call this is

“How I’m temporarily broken up with Instagram”

Anyways, I have logged in a few times, posted another photo but I find myself not having any FOMO about missing posts from some of my favorite people.

Instead I’ve listened to podcasts, watched helpful youtube videos, cleaned my house a lot more than I have recently.

Mentally, this is what I have needed. I’ve needed a break from the constant barrage that is Instagram and social media as a whole. While yes, I am still using Facebook, it definitely isnt my choice of poison like Instagram definitely is. IG is my biggest time suck and I always found myself scrolling for more. Always on the hunt for more. Im giving myself this weekend off from IG still and come Monday im going to evaluate my attachment to it. Yes, I do enjoy sharing photos and things like that on there but I was really on there far too often. I began not reading as much lately because of the mindless scrolling and due to the screen time it was affecting my sleep and various other things. Basically, this break was 100% necessary and reminds me of when I go north and don’t have good service for anything to load. I need those days. We all need those days just away from the constant noise that is social media. Trust me, we need it.

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