Being Intentional

Being intentional is hard in world that keeps telling us “more, more, more is better” but as I look at these bookshelves with books I’ve bought years ago with granduer ideas of when I’d have them read by and the perfect month for a thriller novel, I realize that’s not ideal. Far from it.

Being intentional is also a constant evaluation of your needs and keeping your needs and wants in check and damn, in a social media influencer filled world, that’s hard. Its easy for us to get caught up in thinking that a want is a need when someone else has it.

I used to always be a 12 cup coffee pot person, but then my mom got a Keurig for Christmas one year from my stepdad. They still had a 12 cup coffee pot but kept the Keurig for an afternoon pick me up cup of joe. I had a small 5 cup coffee pot in college that had served it’s job well. Then for our wedding we got a 12 cup programmable coffee pot from someone. It was ultra fancy and honestly, I had no clue how to work it. But I’d make half a pot, drink a mug or two, but then Tyler noticed I wouldn’t finish the pot. He thought I was throwing a few cups of coffee down the drain every day… well, yes, somedays I would but most times I’d be fine and just reheat what I already had leftover in a mug and drink it. So… that Christmas he bought me a newer Keurig and boy, did I have the worst reaction to it. It was like I opened a bag of coal. Immediately I said “I don’t need this”, which was true. But I could tell he was devastated by my reaction so I began using it shortly after. It served us well, for about 2 years I’d use it. But then we moved into our house and I set out both the 5 cup coffee pot I had from college AND the Keurig and I found myself using the 5 cup pot far more often (by the way, we gave the 12 cup pot away to one of Tyler’s coworkers after we got the Keurig). So then Tyler and I were talking about buying a 12 cup pot for when we have people over because a 5 cupper would get refilled every half an hour with my family (seriously). And thus, lead Tyler and I to go to stores, price check things and analyze if it’s a need or a want. It’s crazy how in such a short amount of time we have gone from buying things immediately when we say we want them to deliberately check around, find where it’s cheapest, keep that in our mind and next paycheck or whenever we get spare money, go ahead and buy it then. We purposely delay certain buys and delay gratification for certain things. It has taught us so much to determine whats a need and what’s a want and in turn has saved us from the dreaded Target hangover when you leave and wonder how you spent so much money on so little.

So, that’s my roundabout story about how delayed gratification is a great skill to learn and how it’ll help your wallet and allow you to be more intentional with your purchases and what you bring into your home.

Do you have any other tips for how to be intentional with purchases?

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