It’s okay

I have to keep reminding myself of a lot of things this season, mostly that it’s okay to ask for help.

Pregnancy is a wicked bitch for those of us that are “too” fiercely independent for our own good. It’s a season of forcing us to slow down and *gasp* ask others for help. Or rather in my situation, lean on my husband more than I normally would and request so many more snuggles and kisses.

It’s also a season of acknowledging that change is on the way. What I wish more mothers talked about is the fact that there is always this nagging feeling that you know things won’t be like they are now. Relationships are going to change, most of the time for the best but that doesn’t come without a lot of hard conversations, sleep deprived nights and a whole lot of giving each other grace for how we’ll be reacting. Aside from that, I wish it was more common knowledge that most expecting mothers actually dislike the way that their body looks while making and housing the little human we’ll bring earthside. It’s insane how some women will compare pregnancies and how some women just flat out judge other women while pregnant.

Also, can we please stop offering unsolicited advice about having another kid while still being pregnant with their first? I don’t know how many women actually don’t have a “game plan” for how many children they will want because things can change, birth and labor can be so traumtic that the woman doesn’t want to endure that again or, the couple realizes that the amount of children they have is enough and they’re okay with the amount of children they have. Women, please stop wishing more children on pregnant women. Stop it. It’s not okay.

Whew. Well, this got highly loaded and opinionated but I feel like these things need to be talked about more.

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